Behind the Wheel Trainnig


Wilmington Driving School follows National Highway Transportation Safety Administration standard for teaching. Our students here, we look at driving from the standpoint of driving safety is thinking safely. Wilmington Driving School number one priority is to educate about safety when it comes to driving and to reduce the number of accidents on our road ways by getting drivers to observe preventable accident, to pedestrians, cyclists. We train all types of students, students with no experience at all , students with a little bit experience, students that can drive from other countries and are new to our country , road test preparation, and we also rent our cars to students that we can certify that they are safe on the public roads by using the division of motor vehicle standard test. We lare happy to help you what ever type of driver you are. We work with doctors offices across the state to help the determine if our beloved senior citizens are safe on the road or anyone with medical issues, we also work with teens that just graduated from the GDL program.

We have a unique program known as Advance Driving Program (ADP). This is special for graduate driving license holders only. Our fees are highly competitive so please contact us  to know more.


The Delaware  Department of Transportation (DOT) Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) requires all teenage drivers to complete supervised behind-the-wheel training before obtaining a driver's license.

If you are younger than 18 years old, before getting your full driver's license you'll need to:

·         Complete at least 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice AND a driver's training course.

·         Complete at least 100 hours of supervised driving practice.

Please visit http://www.dmv.org/de-delaware/ for the updated information.
Why Wilmington Driving School ?

  • Expert instructor who is Certified and Licensed by DMV  
  • All instructor completed live fingerprints and Clearance from Dept of Justice.
  • Instructors have gone through the National Transportation security administration background checks. (TWIC).
  • Male and Female driving expert instructors available.
  • Highly  competitive price
  • Only driving school in the great state of Delaware that is accredited by the BBB A plus
  • Member of Driving Schools Association of America (DSAA).  
  • Personalized Training and Individual Attention
  • Tailored programs for all levels of learners.
  • Live scenario based approach  for effective results
  • Easy to learn to be a low risk, safer and confident driver
  • Pre-test evaluation and DMV Test preparation

Our Services:

  • Defensive Driving Online Course (Coming Soon)
  • Commercial Driving Licence
  • Behind The Wheel Training
  • Help to pass DMV Driving Test.
  • Refresher Driving Courses.
  • Overseas License conversion.
  • Car Hire for driving test (Fully insured, dual controls automatic transmission car)

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