About Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving saves lives.


Defensive driving teaches safe driving techniques to drivers.


At defensive driving classes students learn to overcome mistakes in driving techniques, learn to improve their driving skills; learn to make informed decisions and to anticipate situations while driving. Defensive driving classes have been set up by the government and police departments to make the world a safer place to live in.


Defensive driving courses cover aspects like: emergency care, principles of safety, control of fear and emotions, on the spot decision making, quick reactions, fear, and so on.


Why You Should Consider a Defensive Driving Course

Beyond making you a more knowledgeable, safer driver, there are other benefits to completing a defensive driving course. Depending on the state you live in, benefits can include:



You should contact your insurance company , Department of Motor Vehicles and/ us to find out how a defensive driving course can help in your specific circumstances. It is important to recognize that becoming a safer driver is the biggest benefit for you and your passengers.


A defensive driving course can be used for many reasons including satisfying court requirements, reducing penalties of a traffic ticket, or even obtaining a car insurance discount. Therefore, a defensive driving course can either be a necessary evil or something that can really help out both your pocket and your driving record. Any licence holder can now do this course.


A defensive driving class can even be taken virtually. Defensive driving teaches people to be responsible drivers and take all necessary precautions when seated behind the wheel of a car. It protects not just the driver but pedestrians, animals, and fellow commuters. It makes the roads safer.


Willington Driving School is an approved defensive driving school and course has been revised to include skills that will help both Learner and Restricted Licence drivers pass the new Driving Tests. Willington Driving School provide quality cheapest (automatic) driving lessons in Delaware, driving schools, driving instructors for learner drivers in Delaware. Learn to drive with our friendly Defensive Driving Course can reduce your insurance and increase your safety.


Why Willington Driving School?


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