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Driving School Tips

Eliminate Blind Spots

Posted - 01/03/2014
The elusive blind spot, or a pivotal area of the road hidden from view in your rear-view and side mirrors, has been responsible for countless accidents and scares throughout the years. Despite the development of technology that suggests otherwise, you can eliminate blind spots by simply adjusting your side mirrors correctly. Al... 


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How to Choose the Right Driving School for Your Teen

Posted - 11/15/2013
If you teenager is getting ready to start driving, you are probably going through a lot of different emotions, and you might be a little bit nervous about him or her getting behind the wheel. Fortunately, you can help ensure that your teenager is ready to hit the road by choosing the right driving school. Although there are dif... 


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Driving in a Defensive Manner

Posted - 10/03/2013
One of the best tips that young drivers can benefit from early in their driving careers is to always drive in a defensive manner. Driving in this manner will ensure that one is able to anticipate accidents and avoid them. A driver will be able to avoid costly accidents and keep his or her insurance at the lowest rates possible. ...


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Never Text While Driving

Posted - 08/27/2013
Just like drinking alcohol and driving, texting on a cell phone should never be attempted while behind the wheel of a car. Not only do you put your life in danger, but you also pose a risk to the other motorists and pedestrians that are nearby. Furthermore, you may find yourself paying an expensive citation if a police of...


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The Benefits of a Driving School

Posted - 07/16/2013
Yes, many people know that they need to attend some sort of course in order to obtain a license. However, they might practice with a family member or go to a driver's education course at the local high school. What are some of the benefits of an actual driving school? Well, the fact that you receive personalized attentio... 


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How to Prepare Your Teen to Start Driving

Posted - 05/31/2013
Knowing that your teen is finally old enough to get behind the wheel can bring forth a lot of different emotions. Although you are probably very proud of your teenage daughter or son and are excited about raising your child, you are probably also very frightened about the prospect of your teen getting behind the wheel. Th... 


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