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At Wilmington Driving Academy, we care about your safety and the safety of the entire motor public. Your goal is to get your driver's license, and ours is to make your goal become a reality while ensuring your safety. When you choose us, you will be learning from the industry's best instructors in the country. We are DSAA and AAAA certified in the state of Delaware. Please call 888-402-0077302-356-0282 or 302-784-5578.


About Us

Wilmington Driving School offers the top rated and most professional driving instruction in the country. We are the only school in the whole tri-state that is a member of Driving School Association of America and the BBB.


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Driving School:
Computer-based practice testing for the DMV's written test in: Class D Comprehensive interactive Driver's Ed Course, Backing up, Making a U-Turn, Parallel Parking, Changing Lanes, Recognizing Road Signs, Defensive Driving, Interactive Quizzes, Study Guide, Alcohol Awareness Preparation for DMV test, DMV Road Test and Road Skills. Class A and B (all endorsements), General True/False Questions, General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Passenger endorsements (School Buses), Combination Vehicles (Doubles/Triples), Hazardous Materials, Fork lifts, Tank Vehicles, Selected Road Signs, Vehicle Control Skills, Pre-trip Vehicle Inspection, Logbook, Border Crossing and FAQ Class C

All types of Drivers' Licenses

Driving School Tips

Wilmington Driving School provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice.


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How to Reach Us

We are available to help you.

Cell Phone: 302-784-5578

Office Phone:  888-402-0077 / 302-544-9218

Our WeChat ID number is WDS302 

42 Reads Way, Suite 300
Greater New Castle, DE 19720


There are many ways to reach us. Call 888-402-0077 or send us an email. Wilmington Driving School is here to help you.
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Wilmington Driving School instructors are among the best in the country. All of our instructors have gone through state and federal background checks. If any driving school shows up at your house, you are required by law to ask them to show you their instructor license and a TWIC® (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) card.  If they don't have one, that means they are not state certified and you don't know who they are. Please send them back. These are state regulations. The only school in the state of Delaware that really passes all these requirements is Wilmington Driving School.


These are samples of a TWIC® card:

Wilmington Driving School | Industry's Best Instructors in the Country

Wilmington Driving School provides professional assistance for prospective licensees within the greater Wilmington, Delaware, region. Drivers are taught to safely navigate through various roadways and traffic conditions. If you are seeking training for a state-issued license, you can contact the Wilmington Driving School for quality instructions.


We do offer pickups and drop off , we also offer flexible schedule , we can pick you up from home training you then drop you at work or school, we can also pick you up from work or school then drop you at home. 

Benefits of Attending a Professional Driving School

Professional driving schools generally hire instructors who have a significant amount of teaching experience. Most instructors are taught to encourage safe driving habits, as well as a variety of defensive driving skills. An experienced instructor has seen many of the typical challenges that a new driver might encounter. New drivers may find that professional instructors have a greater tolerance for mistakes, because knowledgeable instructors generally understand that new drivers will inevitably make mistakes. Professional assistance is directed toward new drivers to correct certain actions and to help build a student’s confidence. A reputable driving school generally conducts a background check on instructors before offering them a position. Most driving schools provide continuing education and training for its instructors. Some professional driving schools offer vehicles that are specifically configured for inexperienced motorists. Wilmington Driving School can enable you to master basic motoring skills toward obtaining your driver’s license.


High School Driver Education Program (GDL)


Dear parents, who will give their beloved children four to six hours of driving time, then give their kids cars to drive by themselves? The answer is no one. The GDL program is a very good thing to have, but the State of Delaware doesn't have the resources to train children to be good drivers. That is why Wilmington Driving School has taken the training of young high school graduates from the GDL program into an advanced driving program. Our program is called the WDS Advanced Driving Program. The only people eligible for this program are kids with a GDL permit. Please get in touch with us for more information:

Harrison Smith, Wilmington Driving School, 42 Reads Way, New Castle, DE 19720.

Insured Vehicles

Wilmington Driving School has the best 2012 Veloster with back-up camera that helps our students pass their DMV road test without hitting any objects, cones, etc. All our cars are commercial-insured and have dual braking systems approved by DSAA , AAAA and the state of Delaware.


If your state requires a specific number of supervised driving hours, you can contact a professional instructor for assistance. Experienced instructors can answer driving-related questions or help a student deal with blending into traffic on the highway. Some students rely on friends or family members for driving instructions, but acquaintances who are experienced drivers may lack the ability to provide quality instructions to others. A professional driving instructor can help you prepare for a variety of state motor vehicle examinations. If you want to learn from an instructor who shares safety tips and teaches courteous driving methods, you can contact Wilmington Driving School for more information.

Give us a call today! 888-402-0077 or 302-784-5578.

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Wilmington Driving School
42 Reads Way
New Castle, DE 19720

Cell Phone: 302-784-5578

Office Phone: 302-544-9216 / 302-544-9218

Our WeChat ID number is WDS302 

Email:  info@hmdacadamy.com

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